Born in Menorca in 1993. At only 3 years old she starts going to music lessons and little by little participates in cultural projects linked with the world of theatre and dance. At the age of 14 abandons the transverse flute training which she was studying at the Conservatory of Music and Dance in order to focus on the first professional musical group “S’Albaida”, as a soloist, with whom she records two albums (Xalandria and Soldemà). This allows her to make contact with referents like Eliseo Parra, Marina Rosell, participate in scenarios around the world through Folk Festivals as Ollinkan (Mexico), Mediterranean Fair (Manresa), La Plaça del Sol (Festes de Gràcia, Barcelona) and finally wins the IX International Folk contest (Cuartu los Valles, Navelgas).

Before moving into the city of Barcelona, Anna starts her training in modern music with teachers like Pere Arguimbau and Helen Rowson. Once installed in Barcelona, she attends to higher music studies specialized in jazz at ESEM Musician Workshop, touring around Cataluña with various musical groups: Barcelona, Gospel Messengers (Gospel Choir directed by Ramón Escale, recording the albums “BGM + Paula Dominguez”, “Go Higher”, “Be here now”). The new Catalan Ensemble (Catalan roots music project directed by Manu Sabaté, with who has recorded “Ruralisme il.lustrat”, Luzazul (songwriter music group with Mario Mas and Mariona del Carmen), A l’Aire (saxophone quartet and popular repertoire voice from around the world), Magnus Luna (poetry project by Joan Vinyoli, set to music with who recorded the album “Clarobscur d’Atzur”), Coetus (Iberian music group in which she has been substitute in various occasions), Estación del Este (gipsy, klezmer, Balkan music group headed by Robindro Nikovich), Midstream (piano project by Max Villavechia), among others. She has also recorded as collaborator in the last two albums of the songwriter Enric Hernàez and with the disc “Soul” of Nacho Melús (composing and singing “No more”) among others.

In the field of training she directs gospel choirs and modern music (“Yonder Choir”, “The Wheels Gospel Choir” and “Gospel Optometrist Choir”), gives private vocal technique lessons and she also has taken part of the pedagogical team of the I Iberian Voice and Percussion Course in Menorca with Alex Tobias, Eliseo Parra and Martí Hosta.

During 2017 she will give concerts with the pianist Clara Penya presenting her new album “Oceanes” and will debut as songwriter publishing her first album of own songs “Tel.lúria”.