KRÖNIA is the second album of singer Anna Ferrer, a project through which her folk essence is transformed and expanded, over an electronic processing, into a unique sound universe.

It is also an album of own records, but with it she wanted to break with the local character of Tel·lúria and take a more universal, current and transversal look. More than half of the songs are written in Spanish, and musically speaking the album is a mixture of Anna’s Mediterranean, folk and ethnic origin, combined with the electronic processing of voices and not-so-organic instruments, bringing news, youth, freshness and experimentation, produced by Panxi Badii.

The theme is existentialist and touches on issues that have worried the Western society such as death, loneliness, silence, power, gender, … The inner world of the reflective human being and with intentions of self-knowledge and questioning.

The production of the album is the balance between the two opposite baggage of the Menorcan singer and producer and technician Panxi Badii. A simmered process, searching, with the aim of finding the intersection between its paths. And they can say they HAVE FOUND IT.

KRÖNIA is a word that comes to Anna by chance, she falls in love aesthetically and later discovers that it has a meaning: it was a festival that was celebrated in ancient Greece in honor to King Kronos, which is not about time, but the God of the golden age (time when the earth naturally reached the human being, therefore, work did not exist). To pay tribute to this God, in this festival the slaves used to stop serving the masters and proceeded to occupy the same power role that enslaved them daily. It’s beautiful and bitter at the same time because it’s a 24h false illusion, and the ideal title for an existentialist theme album (contradiction, power, psychological play …).