Tel·lúria, the album

This is a project of Anna Ferrer’s own songs which collects her musical and personal process and even though most of her songs are creations made from the last two years, it also includes letters and a song made when she was 14 years old. Anna looks for an earthy and natural sonority close to the Menorcan folkloristic musical style and although she has not focused on training but on the musicians telluric quality at a personal level. It is undeniable the Mediterranean character of the group.

Tel·lúria pretends to be musically what Anna wants to be in life. She goes through deepness, connection with earth, celebration, reflection, spirituality, game, love and sensuality.

Anna Ferrer, voice, Mario Mas, Spanish guitar, lute and electric guitar, Guillem Aguilar, bass and mandola, Miquel Àngel Cordero, double bass, Dídac Ruiz, ngoni and percussion.

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Tel·lúria Album

TEL·LÚRIC, -ÚRICA adj. Neol. Spanish telúrico. 1.- Arising from earth, especially with regard to its influence on the organic realm.

Tel·luria is when the elements of this universe are right in the place where they are ment to be, by which my senses can reach, in the Planet Earth’s nature system. Tel·luria is the antialienation of human being as an animal specie”

-Anna Ferrer-